Profoundly visual software for improved awareness, analysis and decision-making used by hundreds of thousands in government, law enforcement, finance, and more.

Uncharted is a software services consulting group which does analysis, design and development of innovative business visualisation and visual analytics solutions for key clients throughout North America and in Europe. The performance, quality and leadership of their group is recognised within the visual analytics and visualisation community.

Uncharted designs, build and deploy unique, easy-to-use, advanced visualisation solutions that provide competitive advantage for clients in a variety of industries. Their user communities number in the hundreds of thousands combined.

Domo Tactical Communications, one platform offering secure and reliable security and surveillance products.

Domo Tactical Communication (DTC), has created the most flexible and robust tracking systems currently available in the tracking category. Their software monitors and manages your assets, informing you via alerts and messaging systems with two-way communication. DTC is the recognised leader of integrated GPS tracking systems – with nearly 100 different types of tracking devices now fully compatible with their software. Now, you can track every kind of asset — people, packages, vehicles, marine, and more — in a single unified system.

The Ethos Tech vision is to bring converged technologies to the UK to offer all sizes of business the same level of services that Google, Facebook and Amazon offer to their customers.

Forensic Analytics Ltd was formed in 2013, but its principle staff have long experience in the telecoms and forensic industries.

Forensic Analytics’ main business area is the development of data processing software tools that automate the most time-consuming aspects of cell site analysis. Our first product was CSAS Desktop, which provides a range of features designed to process, query, present and output mobile phone call records and other forms of comms data. This has been joined by CSAS Black Box, which deploys an automated data processing engine into an organisation’s comms data disclosure and workflow environments to automatically cleanse and report on incoming comms data files.

They also make use of their extensive technical backgrounds to provide consultancy, training and competence transfer services to policing and forensic customers. They provide a range of briefing papers and technical bulletins on comms data topics and have also produced the only book that currently explains cell site analysis and forensic radio surveying.