Who Are JTOL

Just Thinking Out Loud

Duanne Watkins

Managing Director

JTOL Limited was founded in 2015 by Duanne and Rachael Watkins. Duanne had been a faithful, diligent and recognised technical expert within the Law Enforcement and Security Service community for over 20 years before deciding to take this wealth of experience and build his own company.
Duanne brings to the company a wealth of experience including: over 10 Years Covert deployment skills, Secure IT Management, Project Management, Technical Research and Development; Over 15 years of people management skills; Chair and member of many specialist focus and research groups both in the UK and beyond. Highly respected in the field of Location and Positioning Systems and Technologies.

What We Do

JTOL provides IT Consultancy and Business Development opportunities to its partners. If you are interested in partnering with JTOL Ltd please email info@jtol.co.uk for more info.

  • Value Added Reseller

    JTOL offers a suite of Software tools for the Live Monitoring and Post Analysis of GeoSpatial Data. Have a problem with Loan Worker protection? we have a solution.

  • IT Consultancy

    JTOL offers consultancy services that will enable its customers to exploit the 20+ years of Covert Technical Deployment, Project Management, IT Technical Design and Systems Management knowledge, in the areas of Location and Positioning, IT Networks and Secure IT solutions for UK, European and 5 Eyes Law Enforcement.

  • Business Development

    JTOL will extend the reach of your sales and opportunities implementing growth with the creation of long-term value .

The JTOL Team

Gary Watkins

Solutions Manager

Gary joined the team in early 2016 and with over 20 years IT experience he brings with him a vast knowledge designing and managing IT networks for local and national institutions. Microsoft and Prince 2 certified, Gary has been fundamental in the transformation of IT systems and their supporting teams across the education sectors.

Warren Eggleton

Warren Eggleton has worked various intelligence roles within law enforcement for the past thirteen years. The majority of his time was spent within specialist roles dealing with the most serious and complex crime types. Warren was responsible for formulating the first specialist intelligence function dedicated to the investigations of serious sexual offenses across London. He is an expert in the analysis of telecommunications data and other intelligence gathering techniques and has presented evidence in multiple trials. Warren was the primary GeoTime product tester for the Metropolitan Police Specialist Crime Division prior to leaving the service.